Client Claims Reporting

Full TPA Services

Client Claims Reporting

Full TPA Services

The business of health insurance coverage essentially boils down to “hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.” Everyone who goes to work wants to have a smooth, trouble-free experience, and live a healthy life. But when emergencies happen, and injuries occur, the presence of health coverage can sometimes mean the difference between a good recovery and ability to resume working and being financially wiped out by medical debt, possibly no longer being able to work because of it.

Having a good group health plan is just one part of the insurance coverage equation. The most important thing for a client is what happens during the stressful period when a medical emergency occurs, and it’s time to file a claim. Having a professional, attentive response at this time can often be the make or break experience that determines whether a client stays with a current carrier or broker, or looks for better customer service elsewhere.

IIS Is Here To Help

IIS Benefit Administrators has decades of experience working with clients directly, as well as working with other partners, such as brokers, in providing coverage to clients they have established solid business relationships with. As a result, IIS have familiarity with both sides of this equation and have both the experience and tools to help people when it comes time to make a claim.

IIS Benefits has developed a seamless process when filing claims on behalf of clients and team members.

In most cases team members use One ID Card. When presented to the doctor the doctor calls IIS Benefits for insurance eligibility. The claim is then sent to the carrier for processing with the insurance sending the claim directly to IIS Benefits to process on the behalf of the team members.

IIS Benefit Claims

IIS Benefit is a leader in the insurance business. IIS provides small to mid-market employers with full medical and pharmacy claims transparency.

This is a fundamental process that must be incorporated in order for brokers and clients to understand the financial impact of their benefit plan.

IIS Benefit provides 24/7 claims upon request.
IIS Benefit provides quarterly review (ZOOM meetings with clients, explaining how they are performing to the budget set at the time of implementation.)

Monthly Performance Report

Whether it is for medical treatment, a check-up, or even a prescription, it all starts with itemized receipts. IIS Benefits provides month over month penny over penny reporting for both brokers and clients. Full accountability!
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2018 CPT Utilization Report

The IIS Report illustrates to clients where the claims are being incurred and what the financial impact is on the benefit plan budget. The report allows IIS Benefit to illustrate where the plan is running (HOT) and where changes are recommended at renewal to control cost with a scale.
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Pharmacy Reporting

IIS Benefit Administrators understands the importance of designing a benefit plan that is functional for team members but also cost-effective for clients. IIS works closely with pharmacy benefit provider EHIM PBM.
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Simple ID Card

IIS Benefit Administrators technology allows most IIS clients to use a single benefit ID Card. It's clean and easy for team members to manage.
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