Differentiate yourself today with IIS Benefit Administrators’ unique insurance products and solutions.

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Differentiate yourself today with IIS Benefit Administrators’ unique insurance products and solutions.

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Differentiate yourself today with IIS Benefit Administrators’ unique insurance products and solutions.

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Grow Your Repeat Business


Premiums are going up by double digits all over the country. Managed care is not going to reduce those increases. Up until recently, the only option an employer had to avoid premium increases was to strip out benefits. Until now.

Now your clients and prospects have innovative choices. They can reduce their costs without reducing benefits. All they do is pay for their plans in a slightly different fashion.

Let IIS Benefit Administrators introduce your groups to premium management. IIS Benefit Administrators is here to help people interested in using our networks and become affiliate agents, agencies, or brokers for the services we offer.

Differentiate Yourself with MERP

IIS Benefit Administrators markets and sells an administrative solution called MERP (Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan). Learn more about MERP and how it can set you apart in the industry.

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Broker Solutions

A Broad Network

Over the decades, IIS Benefit Administrators has built up an expansive network of health insurance partners, as well as providers throughout the United States. Some of the biggest names in health insurance coverage are proud partners that work with us, offering numerous benefits and packages to companies of many sizes.

This same extensive network of carriers also means that comprehensive provider lookup is available. Health coverage is only useful to employees if they can take advantage of it, so it’s important to make sure that doctors and medical facilities approved for use with specific plans are accessible to those groups purchasing the policies.

Different Funding Options

While traditional, fully-funded healthcare options are always available to companies , IIS Benefit Administrators is also proud to offer newer, more innovative models to reach out to even more clients, especially in the mid and small size range of businesses. Self-funded coverage, for example, lets companies pay out of pocket directly for claims if they feel the expenses are small enough to be manageable.

IIS Benefit Administrators is also one of the first to specialize in Medical Expense Reimbursement Plans and can offer this as an alternative to self-funded insurance. This allows companies to purchase specific products, then set their allowance for total healthcare expenditures. When a claim is made, the employee initially pays out of pocket until the company reimburses the amount later.

Finally, IIS Benefit Administrators also offers level-funded health insurance products. These are partially self-funded, and grant another level of customization and cost-effectiveness for smaller companies down to 2 lives based on carrier selection. However, it still allows them to remain competitive by offering attractive health insurance coverage plans.

Leads Services

IIS Benefit Administrators appreciates that brokers must devote some resources to marketing, and this is something we can help with. Our Total Insurance Solution (TIS) leads services can handle a variety of different marketing and promotional aspects that brokers contend with .

Everything from CRM components of a website, to social media management to email marketing are some of the crucial components brokers need to manage in modern marketing. IIS has partnered with Total Insurance Solutions to provide leads to our brokers. IIS Benefit Administrators has the solutions to help ease some of these important marketing activities for efficient automation, scheduling, and response.

General Agent Services

We are now expanding our General Agent (GA) services and can offer even more help to our brokers and other partners. GA services give us the ability to customize and control even more factors since we can take more direct action when it comes to aspects such as underwriting support, or ACA compliance.

Work With Us Today

If you’re a broker, agent, or agency that is looking for a partner with extensive resources and networks, IIS Benefit Administrators is looking forward to working with you. When you affiliate yourself with us, you gain access to a company with decades of experience, but you also gain access to a comprehensive network of other partners and providers who are all ready to bolster your insurance products and provide even more service and protection to your clients. Contact us today for more information.